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Davidhorn is empowering interviewers with tools to make investigations efficient, accurate and fair. With over 40 years of experience as Europe’s leading provider of evidential interview solutions, Davidhorn is committed to enhancing justice and peace to strengthening institutions, promoting peaceful societies and providing access to justice for all.

Our interview tools and software streamline police work and make investigations more effective and efficient. We not only optimise the interview process but also ensure the integrity and accountability of investigations. This approach strengthens justice systems, upholds civil rights, and supports the creation of inclusive institutions dedicated to fair and transparent legal proceedings.

Our commitment to advancing global justice through technology aligns with UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 16.3 and reflects our dedication to a fair, peaceful world where trust in the justice system is universal.

Davidhorn in numbers

40+ Years

Supporting various police forces across the world.

1 Million Hours

Per year of recorded, untampered interviews.


Installations Worldwide.


Global users.

A portrait picture of David Horn, a former Chief Superintendent and founder of David Horn Communications Ltd.

Our Mission

At Davidhorn, we deliver innovative recording and productivity tools to support societies transition from interrogation to investigative interviewing.

Our Vision

Our goal is to reduce false convictions, safeguard vulnerable individuals and children involved in crime, and ensure equal access to justice for all.

Company history

Our journey so far

David Horn Communications Ltd. founded by former Chief Superintendent David Horn. Developed the first digital recording solution meeting UK legislation for interview recording.

David was on the original Steering Committee for the introduction of recorded interviewing. The company was the first to develop a digital recording solution which fully met the legislation for interview recording in the UK and has been instrumental and credited within the legislation for digital recording of witness interviews.

Norwegian Police reform their investigative interview process, adopting non-coercive techniques.

Norway is seing several cases of miscarriages of justice. The Norwegian Police is following the development in the United Kingdom, and goes there to learn about their experiences with PACE and PEACE. A new regimen for investigative interviewing is implemented at the Norwegian Police College.

Indico established in Norway, introducing a robust interview recording solution for court scrutiny.

After implementing new interviewing techniques in 1995, Norway experiences yet another wave of serious cases of miscarriages of justice. Police officer at the Norwegian Police, Ivar Fahsing realises that there is a big need for a software recorder to record police interviews for unbiased, untampered and autheticated evidence. This leads to the establishment of Indico Systems AS.

David Horn Communications Ltd. acquired by Indico Systems AS, merging into Davidhorn.

This initiates a journey towards a stronger company for digital interview recording technology within ethical interviewing, comprising hardware and software.

Davidhorn is a trusted partner for many international Police Forces, providing world-class investigative interviewing solutions.

The new Davidhorn is empowering interviewers with tools to make investigations efficient, accurate and fair while making investigations more effective and efficient.


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