Portable recorder recording investigative interview


Fully-featured, easy to use, PACE-compliant digital interview recorder with great flexibility for various interviewing situations.

The world’s smallest

Davidhorn Portable Recorder is the world’s smallest fully featured PACE compliant digital interview recorder.

It can be used standalone, writing to media, or form part of an enterprise solution with automatic uploading to Davidhorn Ark or your existing DEMS.

All in one design

Lightweight & Durable

  • 3 channel video recording (up to 1080P)
  • Integrated screen
  • 4 hours continuous recording on battery
Portable and light interview recording device

Secure & Compliant

  • AES256 Encryption
  • SHA256 digital signature
  • Integrated battery backup to prevent data corruption/loss

Download the Portable Recorder datasheet

Explore detailed specifications and features of this Davidhorn Recorder.

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