Unlocking the Power of Conversation in the podcast “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”

Introduction to a new conversational journey  

Welcome to “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,” a podcast series that welcomes you into the world of Investigative Interviewing – a non-coercive method for questioning victims, witnesses and suspects of crimes. Hosted by Børge Hansen, CEO of Davidhorn, this podcast is more than just a show; it’s a journey into the core of justice and gathering facts through unbiased dialogue. 

Why have we decided to do this? Investigative Interviewing is at the core of Davidhorn’s mission. We are a tech company providing innovative recording and productivity tools for law enforcement to help societies transition from coercive interrogation to investigative interviewing. Our goal is to reduce false convictions, safeguard vulnerable individuals and children involved in crime, and ensure equal access to justice for all.  

Only knowledge, education and conversation can change the status quo. 

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