A versatile, HD recorder that meets PACE standards, perfect for suspect, witness interviews or achieving best evidence (ABE) recordings.

Adaptable to your interview room setup

The fixed recorder is a fixed solution installed in interview rooms.

It comes with a robust metal case, ensuring durability. The case can endure heavy-duty usage without compromising function or data loss.

Advanced recording capabilities

  • All-in-one design with up to 3 channel video recording (up to 1080P)
  • AES256 Encryption and SHA256 digital signature for secure data
  • Network upload capability
  • Integrated battery backup to prevent data corruption/loss
Fixed police interview recording device

Easy to use

  • Integrated screen for easy viewing
  • User-friendly interface requiring minimal training
  • Optional integrated DVD writer for alternative storage

Download the Fixed Recorder datasheet

Explore detailed specifications and features of this Davidhorn Recorder.

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