• Implementation and integration: The Central Police Force in Iceland implemented the LOKE system, merging seven distinct systems into one by 2005. In 2013, they integrated Davidhorn’s interview recording solution into LOKE, streamlining the recording and sharing of investigative interviews.
  • Impact and recognition: This technological advancement made Iceland a model for other countries and garnered global attention, including from Microsoft. Árni E. Albertsson presented their innovative work at the 2017 Police Strategy Forum in Oxfordshire.
  • Efficiency and security: The adoption of Davidhorn’s solution improved efficiency, security, and user-friendliness in handling investigative interview recordings, transitioning from CDs to a centralized digital system with enhanced access control and mandatory video recording for serious cases.

In 2013 the police force acquired and implemented a Davidhorn interview recording solution, which was integrated into LOKE UI. Thanks to this forward-thinking approach, Iceland’s law enforcement was able to streamline its operations of recording and sharing the investigative interviews, making them a model for other countries to follow. 

Recognized for their innovative achievements, one of the team members – Árni E. Albertsson, was invited to the 2017 Police Strategy Forum in Oxfordshire to present the Icelandic police’s work with Davidhorn. The team’s dedication to advancing technology in the field of law enforcement has made a lasting impact, paving the way for more efficient and effective policing.

Searching for safer and more effective way to operate

Prior to adopting Davidhorn’s solution, the Icelandic police encountered significant hurdles in recording interview management. Sharing these interviews across departments or districts meant relying on CDs, which not only generated high costs but also were susceptible to errors, damage, and loss. The police districts, eager to save money and improve security and efficiency, were looking for a solution that would allow them to share recordings in a safer and more effective way, providing easy access and distribution to those who needed it.

The solution was first introduced in 2015, and by 2018-2019, Icelandic police had made significant strides in combining their various systems. The evolution of Iceland’s police IT infrastructure came from 27 separate police districts operating as independent islands to a centralised system.  

Streamlined approach

This streamlined approach to handle and share interviews provided enhanced access control and logging features, making it easier for the administrators to monitor who had access to specific recordings. Davidhorn assisted the team with training throughout the implementation process. Davidhorn held lectures in Iceland, training 30 individuals in 2016. This educational support ensured that Icelandic police could make the most of the technology. 

Interview recording technology has become an essential tool for Icelandic police, now a mandated practice by the general prosecution for serious cases. According to these regulations, all witness and suspect interviews in significant cases must be video-recorded, underscoring the technology’s critical role in modern law enforcement. 

Global attention

Icelandic police’s innovative approach attracted attention from other countries and even leading tech companies like Microsoft. The Seattle-based corporation visited Iceland to learn more about their solutions and how they used Microsoft products. They were also involved in developing a mobile app for Icelandic police cars.  

With Davidhorn’s solution, Icelandic police have significantly improved the way they handle recording of investigative interviews, making their operations more efficient, secure, and user-friendly. 

Written by: Marta Hopfer-Gilles 

(Chat GPT was used while creating this blog)