Redfish: A Trusted Partner in Australia


  • Expertise and innovation: Redfish Technologies excels in delivering high-grade digital recording and presentation solutions for law enforcement, specialising in complex environments like Child Abuse Investigation Teams (CAIT). Their customer-centric approach ensures tailored, effective solutions using cutting-edge audio-visual technologies.
  • Installation best practices: With extensive experience in designing and installing interview suites, Redfish Technologies has developed best practices for capturing high-quality evidence. Their installations focus on reducing trauma for vulnerable and intimidated witnesses, ensuring the achievement of best evidence (ABE).
  • Collaborative successes: In partnership with Davidhorn, Redfish Technologies has significantly impacted Australian law enforcement, notably installing 120 interview recorders. Their comprehensive offerings include fixed installations, portable recorders, mobile apps, and centralized server solutions, enhancing evidence management and collection.

Expertise in complex environments

Redfish Technologies has been instrumental in delivering investigative interview installations across the law enforcement industry, with a successful record of project implementation that brings together a wide range of client demands using Davidhorn applications and new cutting edge audio-visual technologies, creating high grade digital recording and presentation solutions. Redfish pride themselves in clearly understanding a client’s requirements and delivering an effective solution that meets the client’s desired goals. Their seasoned experience in delivering interview, and suspect suites, particularly for CAIT (Child Abuse Investigation Teams) has been invaluable.

Innovative solutions

They are well-known for being customer centric and innovative, their expertise extends to all types of current, proven, AV and recording technologies. This ensures that whatever the a clients specific needs may be—from courtrooms and tribunals to law enforcement agencies—Redfish Technologies has a solution tailored to fit.

Installation best practices

Redfish Technologies has through their client collaboration and design/installation work gained extensive experience regarding the specific requirements of a wide range of different interview settings. From our experience, partners which are working as closely with customers as Redfish Technologies do, have developed best practices on capturing high-quality evidence. This is particularly important when it comes to installation of interview suites for vulnerable and intimidated witnesses which can help reduce the trauma often relived when a witness is going through investigations and court hearings. Achieving best evidence (ABE) when recording investigative interviews is therefore essential and can only be consistently gained when interview suites are carefully planned and installed with this objective in mind.

Collaborative successes

Partnering with law enforcement

Our joint ventures have notably made an impact in Australian law enforcement. One such example was the collaboration with an Australian police force where Redfish Technologies successfully installed 120 interview recorders with associated audio-visual support technologies alongside our digital evidence management solution.

Comprehensive offerings

These projects provided an all-encompassing approach that included fixed installations for suspect and ABE suites with focus on the specific requirements of CAIT teams. The provision also included portable recorders, mobile apps, and a centralised server solution to manage all the collected evidence seamlessly.


Our partnership with Redfish Technologies is a testament to the great work they do in technical and AV realms. It is an honor for us that they have chosen to deliver our state-of-the-art recording solutions to Australian law enforcement agencies. We are confident that together, we will continue to make strides in the industry, ensuring the highest quality of evidence collection and management for years to come.

We look forward to further strengthening our collaboration and providing top-notch solutions for capturing and managing crucial evidence in diverse settings. Thank you, Redfish Technologies, for being more than just a vendor—a true partner in justice.