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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt – a new podcast from Davidhorn

Welcome to “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,” a podcast series that welcomes you into the world of Investigative Interviewing – a non-coercive method for questioning victims, witnesses and suspects of crimes

Hosted by Børge Hansen, CEO of Davidhorn, this podcast is more than just a show; it’s a journey into the core of justice and gathering facts through unbiased dialogue. 

Why have we decided to do this? Investigative Interviewing is at the core of Davidhorn’s mission. We are a tech company providing innovative recording and productivity tools for law enforcement to help societies transition from coercive interrogation to investigative interviewing. Our goal is to reduce false convictions, safeguard vulnerable individuals and children involved in crime, and ensure equal access to justice for all.  

Only knowledge, education and conversation can change the status quo.

Episode one: The Foundational Fathers of Investigative Interviewing in Norway 

In our opening episode, we explore the subject in-depth with Dr. Ivar A. Fahsing and Dr. Asbjørn Rachlew, the minds behind Norway’s innovative approach to investigative interviewing. Their stories and insights reveal the extensive effort and strategic thinking required to transform how interviews are conducted in law enforcement, ensuring fairness and preventing wrongful convictions. These pioneers of the method in Norway discuss the importance of sharing their techniques worldwide, reflecting a commitment to fostering peaceful, just, and strong societies under the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #16

Looking ahead: what’s to come in season one  

Looking forward, the first season of “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” promises to build a strong foundation by touching on the history of investigative interviewing and how it affects different parts of society. From child and vulnerable witness interviewing with prof. Becky Milne, research on terrorist suspects with Emily Alison and how the techniques of investigative interviewing are being brought out in the world to help build trust towards police globally by the UN, with Gisle Kvanvig from the Norwegian Center for Human Rights.
Through conversations with these and other respected guests, we aim to cover everything from the subtleties of building rapport in interviews to the use of technology in modern policing. 

First things first?  

Why do we focus on foundations before practice? Simply put; to master the art of investigative interviewing, one must first understand its origins and how it has evolved. This approach ensures that as we explore practical applications in future episodes, our listeners have a solid framework to appreciate the depth and impact of these methods. 

Join us in the conversation  

Join us at “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” as we explore how effective communication can lead to justice and trust within communities, highlighting the transformative power of well-conducted interviews. Tune in, ask questions, and discover how the right words at the right time can indeed change the world. 

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