eBook: Planning a Child or Vulnerable Witness Interview Suite

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This guide aims to explore the best practices for creating the setting for conducting and recording investigative interviews with children and vulnerable witnesses considering the delicate nature of their experiences. 

From choosing the ideal room and its layout, to selecting the appropriate audio and video equipment, every detail matters. By taking these aspects into consideration, we can ensure a successful outcome for all parties involved while maintaining the utmost sensitivity and professionalism while achieving best evidence.

In this eBook you can learn:

  • How to craft the ideal investigative interview space
  • How to ensure the right audio environment for investigative interviews
  • How to secure clear and comprehensive evidence from your audio recording
  • How to ensure complete coverage and clarity from your video recording
  • What to keep in mind when choosing recorders for evidence collection

For investigators, legal professionals, social workers, and anyone involved in these interviews, understanding the importance of the environment and the technology used is crucial.

About the author

For almost 40 years, Jeff Horn has been working in close collaboration with Police and other law enforcement establishments internationally, and Jeff has developed a deep understanding of the challenges when creating best evidence during investigative interviews. 

In this eBook he is sharing his insights on how to plan and set up a child and vulnerable victim interview suite, while acknowledging the early work of those that introduced investigative interviewing within the UK home office which led the way.

This eBook is fact checked by Becky Milne, Professor of Forensic Psychology, University of Portsmouth, UK.

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