Investigative Interviewing:
Why it matters and how to get there

For investigators and legal professionals, understanding the importance of the environment and the technology used is crucial. 

We have spoken to Dr Andy Griffiths, a former UK Senior Investigating Officer and Interview expert on the topic of Investigative Interviewing.

In this webinar you will hear how his background within law enforcement brought him to dive deep into this field. He goes into the truth about confession-oriented investigative interviewing, mindset and the effect it has on building trust in communities. 

In this Webinar you can learn:

  • What is the foundation of conducting more effective interviews
  • How to handle Investigative Interviews in a better way
  • The role of leadership and training
  • Why recording interviews help build better evidence

About Dr Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths has over 35 years experience in law enforcement, organisational change, policy implementation and training design and delivery. He has a Ph.D. in applied psychology, post graduate qualifications in policing and research methods and is a qualified trainer.

Andy Griffiths completed 30 years police service as a career detective in a large UK force specialising in interviewing and investigation, progressing to become Head of Force Major Crime, then intelligence and organised crime departments, and serving over 10 years on the National Advisory Body to all police forces in relation to investigative interviewing.

During Andy Griffith’s police service he was a pioneer in the development of specialised interview training programs and was awarded a PhD for research on real life suspect and witness interviews. He has lectured, trained and consulted in countries across the world and contributed to miscarriage of justice investigations in the USA, New Zealand and the UK.

Andy Griffiths has numerous publications and media appearances in the field of investigation and investigative interviewing.